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” This is MRL as a young teenager (probably 1882 or 1883), namely after the Homers gave her the Irish Setter as a present. “Maidie” loved dogs and continued to do so throughout her life. The Homers were the elder brother and sister-in-law of the famous painter Winslow Homer, who drew a portrait of MRL’s father B.J. Lang at the organ. Maidie’s first trip alone was at the age of 13 to visit the Homers in West Townsend, Massachusetts.” Fletcher DuBois Collection.


“Merrie Christmas. Munchen, November 1885,” Provided by Charles Spencer.

 #1 Margaret   Ladies Home Companion, October 1896. The Century Magazine, March 1898 (facing left). Home Journal, May 7, 1898. Same as #4, but looking right.


                                                                              #2MRLang_newspaper           Newspaper article: “Composers of Note” No source or date.
Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books. Is taken from photo #4.

                                                                           #3MRLang_PhiladelphiaPaper                        Philadelphia paper, December 26, 1897.
Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.

                                                     #4MargaretfromHalfHoursetcUsed in Hughes’ 1898 article “Women Composers” in The Century Magazine (775) where the photographer is listed as A. Marshall. Also in an article in the Home Journal dated Saturday, May 7. 1898, and, with a somewhat different signature, in the 1894 Half Hours With the Best Composers. In Article-Reviews.


New England Home Magazine, January 22, 1898.
Minneapolis Journal, July 30, 1898.
The Puritan, August 1898, Vol. III, No. 5, 177. (Have original)
Hughes, Contemporary American Composers, 1900, facing 432.
Elson, Women’s Work In Music, 1903, facing 202.
Hughes and Elson, American Composers, New revised Edition. 1914, facing 520.
A slightly different pose featuring hands held together was used in Mathews, The Great In Music, 1900, 278.

                                                                                                                                                                              #6MRLang_GroupofAmericanComposersFrom “A Group of American Composers” including D. M. Levett (upper left), Mrs. H. H. A. Beach (upper right), Homer N. Bartlett (middle), Louis E. Dressler (lower right), and MRL (lower left). No source.

Used in the book “Women in Music and Law” by Florence E. Sutro, 1895. Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.

                                                                    #7       MRLang_WomensWorkinMusic

Arthur Schmidt Catalog entitled “Women’s Work in Music” (c. 1901) which gave a short biography, and listed her piano pieces and songs available together with their prices. Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.


  • Elson, History of American Music, 1904, 296. Boston Evening News, Saturday, January 16, 1904.
    Lewiston Maine Journal, February 11, 1905.
    Musical America, June 19, 1909 (has autograph).
    Etude, July 1909 cover. Other photos were of St. Cecilia, Clara Schumann,Mrs. Beach, Lisa Lehmann, Teresa Carreno, Mathilde Marchese, Cecile Chaminade, Mme. Bloomfield-Zeisler, and Mme. Guy D’Hardelot.
    Christian Science Monitor, March 25, 1911.
    Western Musical Herald, May 1911.
  • In the article More MRL Song Performances.

                                                                       #9MRLang_BostonPostBoston Post, August 25, 1907.
Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.

                                                                             #10      MRLang_SongsandDuets This pose is the same as the one used in Musical America, August 2, 1919. Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.

                                                                               #11MRLang_MusicPhoto from an article in Music of March 9, 1912 by C. M. Hoover.
Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.

                                                                              #12forty years-langphoto

 From “The Universal Library of Music” published in 1913. This is a reprint of “Half Hours With the Best Composers” published in 1894: both were edited by Karl Klauser. The 1894 edition used an earlier photo. Discovered by Dr. Lucy Mauro. In More MRL Song Performances.


Photo from the article “Criticism of Noted Father Moulded Musical Art of Margaret Ruthven Lang” in the Boston Evening Record of March 9, 1915. Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.

                                                                             #14MRLang_BostonHeraldBoston Herald, Sunday, April 4. 1920.
Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.


“A formal portrait done by Bachrach Studios. [1920] This has been in our home at least since the early seventies, and it still has a very old frame.” Fletcher DuBois Collection. Original of the image above.


From the same period as #14. Johnston Collection.


                                Drawing from the Washington, D. C. Star of August 26, 1923.
Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.

                                                                            #17                                    etude 2Etude, June 1935. One of 44 photos on a page entitled “The Etude Historical Musical Portrait Series.” B. J.’s photo also appeared. This pose had also been used on page 42 of  Two Centuries of American Musical Composition, an Etude Music Magazine Souvenir of the Sesqui-Centennial in 1926 of American Independence; she is third row, second from left and B. J. is in second row, first on the right. Thanks to John D. Howard for this information. (Oct. 2018)

                                                                            #18                          BJLang_ChildhoodB. J. as a youth- (Scrapbooks)
Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Rare Books.


#19 and 1/2

Historic New England. c. 1862, making B. J. about 25 years old.



This image appears in a chapter covering the years 1891-92. However, the darker beard and more hair would seem to place it much earlier. Bradbury, History of the Handel and Haydn Society, 1890-1897, between pages 24 and 25.


About the same age as the photo above. BPL Scrapbook.

                                                                            #20                      BJLang_2

                                                              #21                               BJLang_SoloistWithSymphony                               Collection of Amy DuBois.

                                                                  #22                             BJLang_sketchTheodore Baker, A Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, 1900, 339.

                                                      #23                                                  BJLang_3Mathews, A Hundred Years of Music In America, 1889, 427.

                                                                              #24                               bj signedApproximately actual size. Hardy Artist Photographer, 493 Washington Street. Autographed: Yours truly, B. J. Lang.  Johnston Collection.

                                                                           #25BJLang_4Scribner’s Magazine, July 1893-“Musical Societies at the World’s Fair,” 71


B. J. reading a score at the keyboard. Amy DuBois Collection.

                                                                       #27Portrait of Benjamin Johnson Lang

Winslow Homer (United States, 1836-1910)

Benjamin Johnson Lang (1837-1909), April 19, 1895.

Graphite on paper, 16 x 13 3/8 inches

Portland Museum of Art, Maine. Gift of William D. Hamill, 1991.19.3. Reproduced by permission. Can not be downloaded without a fee to the Portland Museum.

                                                                            #28                        BJLang_ApolloClub

Apollo Club-25th. Anniversary Concert, May 6, 1896.

Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public    Library/Rare Books.

In a June 16, 1891 passport application, Lang is described as: height-5″ 8″, Forehead-medium, Eyes-blue, Nose-straight, Mouth-medium, Chin-full beard, Hair-partly bald, Complexion-fair, and Face-oval.. Rufus A, Bullock signed as the witness. On this document, Lang swore that he was born on December 28, 1840 (instead of 1837!).
                                                                     #28 1/2
Journal, May 27, 1896. Article about Lang’s renewal as conductor of the Handel and Haydn Society.

                                         #29                                                 BJLang_5

Elson, The History of American Music, 1904, 258.
I have a print saying this was first published by The Macmillan Company in 1904.

                                                                    #30                      BJLang_fromNevinLife

Thompson, Life of Ethelbert Nevin, 1913, 27.


Better reproduction of photo above. Johnston Collection (Repro.)


                                                          #31  (Placed)

Provided by Charles Spencer.                   BJLang_newspaper                                        Collection of Amy DuBois.

# 31A

Source not known. Like # 30.

# 32

Photo used for the article “Lang’s Last Concert In Aid of Children.” (Herald (April 18, 1907): 9, GB. The photo was credited to Odin Fritz, cop. 1907.

Better copy of the above. From the Elizabeth Porter Gould archival material at the HMA. Used with permission.


FRANCES MORSE (BURRAGE) LANG. December 18, 1839-October 15, 1934.

In an application for a passport dated May 5, 1866, Frances is described as Height-5 feet, Forehead-medium, Eyes-gray, Nose-regular, Mouth-medium, Chin-round, Hair-brown, Complexion-light, and Face-regular. Frances signed her name as “Mrs. Fanny M. Lang.” Her friend, Annie B. Keep signed as the witness.

                                                         #32                       EthelandMalcolmatFarmEthel and Malcolm at the farm with Frances seated behind. Collection of Amy DuBois.

                                                     #33                       FrancesBurrageLang Frances Burrage Lang (“Gammy”). Collection of Amy DuBois. On the back: “1922. Summers she wore white with black or violet accents; in winter all black.”


Frances, c. 1922.   Amy DuBois Collection.



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