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Born November 27 in Boston.

January 8-first music lesson with Miss Stone. Age 9. (Diary, January 8, 1876).

Age 14, hears the opening concert of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

“Maidie’s 17th. Birthday.” (Diary 2, Fall 1884)

1885-7 Studies in Munich: violin with Franz Drechsler and Ludwig Abel, and counterpoint and fugue with Victor Gluth. (age 18-19)
1887 William Winch sings five of her songs on December 14 at Chickering Hall. (age 20) Winch filled in for Myron Whitney who was ill.
1888 Five songs are sung at the first meeting of the Manuscript Society, January 19 by William Winch, accompanied by B. J.
1889 Ojala sung July 12 at the Paris Exposition and at the inauguration of the Lincoln Concert Hall in Washington, D. C. on March 26, 1890. (22) First songs published by Arthur P. Schmidt. “Schmidt apparently made no distinction between women and men but rather gave to all the identical royalties of ten percent of the retail price.” (Block, Amy Beach, 41)

“There was also mention [in the newspapers] of Maidie’s Nunc Dimmittis [sic] being sung. It was ruined by the poor singing of Gertrude Franklin.” (Diary 2, Winter 1889) This song was never published with that title.

1890 The Jumblies premier: Apollo Club. “Went in a blizzard to the Apollo Club concert. Among the things performed was Maidie’s Jumblies.” (Diary 2, December 1890)

“Maidie is writing a Kyrie and Waltz.” (Diary 2, Winter 1890) More unpublished pieces.

1892 January 20, Mrs. Gerrit Smith gave the first of all-Lang concerts in New York City. Fourteen works performed. (24)
1893 BSO plays Dramatic Overture, April 7 (25) Witichis Overture at Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition, August 4th., conducted by Theodore Thomas.
1895 Totila Overture, Opus 23

She rents a room at 90 Pinckney Street (around the corner and three blocks away from the family home at 8 Brimmer Street) in which to compose. (Musical Courier, January 1895)

1896 Ghosts published in the January issue of Godley’s Magazine. Sappho’s Prayer to Aphrodite for mezzo-soprano and orchestra. Armida for soprano and orchestra.
1901 Phoebus’ Denunciation of the Furies for baritone and orchestra. Ballade for orchestra, Baltimore, March 14, 1901. (33)

1906 The Princess Far Away incidental music.

1917 Stops composing. (49/50)

1919 Last published work appears. (52)

1939 A letter dated May 26, 1939 is addressed to Margaret at the “Hotel Victoria” in Boston.

1942 Writes to her publisher (Schmidt) that from September 7 her address “until further notice” would be Brimmer Chambers, 112 Pinckney Street, Boston.

1970 Letter to “Darling Ange” shows her address as 2 Brimmer St., Boston. (Copy of letter provided by Fletcher DuBois)

1972 Dies May 29 in Boston. (104)

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