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“The number of songs Lang had published has been quoted in some sources at approximately 200. Given Lang’s compulsion for detail, as evidenced by her rigorous record-keeping and opus numbering, there is little possibility that these additional seventy songs were published. With the addition of two songs which have not been located by the author, the entire oeuvre of Lang’s songs numbers one hundred thirty-three.” (Cline, p. 62)

The symbols in the right column show if copies of that piece are part of the lending library. P = Printed copy. MS = Manuscript copy. In most cases, both printed and manuscript copies are photocopies, although every effort has been made to buy copies of anything that is currently available in print.

(AHW) = Copies from the three bound volumes in unused condition held by Anne Hooper Webb.

(GEORGE/MAURO) = Copies can be printed from the additional print CD in Vol. 1 of the songs, “Love Is Everywhere,” Delos DE 3407.

Alastair MacAlastair 1901 TTBB P and MS (CHORAL)

April Weather Op. 15 #3 P

Arcadie Op. 28 #2 P (AHW) and MS

Ay de Mi 1893 P (AHW)

Beauty’s Eyes 1891

Bedtime Song Op. 6 #2 P

Before My Lady’s Window Op. 19 #4 P (AHW) and MS (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Betrayed Op. 9 #4P (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

The Bird Op. 40 #3 P (AHW) and MS (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Boatman’s Hymn Op. 13 1892P (1-10 and 24-26 only)

Bonnie Bessie Lee Op. 20 #1 P (AHW) and MS

Bonnie Ran the Burnie Down Op. 25, Partsong SATB 1897 MS

Chevalier, Le for piano Op. 18 P-1894 and P 2000 (see Le Chevalier and Petit Roman) (PIANO)

Chimes Op. 54 #2 MS In C, P in E  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Chinese Song Op. 6 #1 P (AHW)

Christmas Lullaby Op. 8 #2 P

Cradle Song of the War Op. 55 P

Day Is Gone Op. 40 #2 P-Boosey ed.

Dead Ship, The Op. 15 #2P

Dear Land of Mine Op. 16 P (AHW) and MS incomplete

Deserted 1890P and MS  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Desire Op. 19 #5P (AHW)

Der Sommer – 1889 (Cline, 156)

Elegy-see “The Spirit of the Old House” for piano Op. 58 P and MS (PIANO)

Even Psalm, An Op. 46 #1 P and MS (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Evening Op. 39 #5 (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Evening Op. 58

Eros 1889 P

Fern Song c. 1895-Manuscript reproduced in the Indianapolis

Sentinal of Thursday, November 28, 1895

Garden of Roses, The Op. 15 #4 P

Garden Is a Lovesome Thing, A Op. 50 #1 P and MS

Ghosts 1889 P and MS  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Arr. SSA by Hugh Gordon 1947 MS

Grandmama’s Songbook Op. 44 P

Grant, We Beseech Thee Op. 51 P and MS (CHORAL)

Grief of Love, The Op. 19 #3 P (AHW) and MS

Hajarlis 2/13/1894 performance (Cline, 161)(Manuscript at NYPL)

Harbor of Dreams, The Op. 7 #3 P (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Hawthorne Tree, The Op. 25 SATB P – Walton

(Cline assigns Opus 25 to Bonnie Ran the Burnie Down)

Heavenly Noel, The Op. 57 SATB and orchestra P and set of manuscript orchestra parts (CHORAL)

Here’s a Health To One I Lo’e Dear 1901 TTBB and SSA MS of TTBB

Heliotrope Op. 9 #1 P (AHW) and MS

Hills o’ Skye, The Op. 37 #3 P

I Knew the Flowers Had Dreamed of You 1896 P (AHW) (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

In a Garden 1890 P and MS (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

In a Meadow 1889 SATB

In Praesepio Op. 56SATB and SSAA P of SATB P of SSAA and MS of SSAA (CHORAL)

In the Greenwood Op. 19 #2 P (AHW) and MS (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

In the Night Op. 39 #3 (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

In the Twilight 1889  P and MS (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Into My Heart Op. 54 #1 P in D flat(high) MS in D flat

Irish Love Song Op. 22 P in F, Ms in F, P in D, SSA in F, Orch. of strings with flute & clarinet in D  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)(CHORAL)

   (Foote published his Irish Folk Song in 1894 in six versions including one with piano, violin and cello accompaniment)

Irish Mother’s Lullaby, An Op. 34P in A flat (high) MS in A flat (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

The Jade Flute, Op. 6, No. 1  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Jock o’ Hazeldean Op. 20 #6 P (AHW) and MS

Jumblies, The Op. 5 TTBB Chorus P-Walton

(Foote published a setting for TTBB in 1908)

Just Because Op. 39 #2

King Is Dead, The Op. 27 P and MS

King Olaf’s Lillies Op. 15 #1 P

Lament Op. 6 #3 P and MS (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Lebewohl – 1889 (Cline, 156)

Le Chevalier for piano Op. 18P-1894 and P-2000 (PIANO) (see Chavalier, Le and Petit Roman)

Lied der Nebenbuehlerin (Song of the Rival Maid) also referred to as Roemerin (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Lilac, The. Sung from Manuscript at an All-Lang recital on April 28, 1904. NEVER PUBLISHED.

Lonely Rose, The Op. 43P and MS from L. of C. website

Love Is Everywhere Op. 40 # 4 P (AHW) and MS  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Love Plumes His Wings Op. 11 SATB

Love’s Fears Op. 20 #4 P (AHW) and MS

Lydia Op. 32P (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Maiden and the Butterfly, The 1889 TTBB Chorus

Maggie Away Op. 20 #3MS

Meditation for piano Op. 26P  Also published in American Women Composers: Piano Music from 1865-1915 edited by Sylvia Glickman, Hildegard Pub. Co., 1990. (PIANO)

Meg Merriles 1890 p

Menie Op. 20 #5 P (AHW) and MS

Merry Christmas Op. 39 #1

More Nonsense Rhymes and Pictures Op. 43P (1907)

    The Old Man of Dumbree. MS-TTBBP-SSAA (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

    The Old Man With a Beard. P & MS-SATB   (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

    The Young Lady in Blue (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

    The Old Person of Ware. P TTBB (CHORAL)

    The Old Person of Rimini

    The Young Lady Whose Eyes… (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

    The Old Person of Jodd (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

    The Young Lady in White (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

    The Young Lady of Parma. P and MS-TTBB (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

    The Old Person of Ischia

Morning Op. 39 #4  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

My ain Dear Somebody Op. 20 #2 P (AHW) and MS

My Garden Op. 28 #3 P (AHW) and MS (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

My Lady Jacqueminot 1889 P and MS  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

My True Love Lies Asleep 1893 P

My Turtle Dove Op. 19 #1 P (AHW) and MS

Nameless Pain 1889 P and MS (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Night Op. 7 #1  P (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Night of the Star, A Op. 52 Christmas Cantata. P (CHORAL)

Nonsense Rhymes and Pictures Op. 42P (1985)P (1905)

    The Person of Filey

    The Old Man of Cape Horn

    The Person of Skye. P-SSAA   (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

    The Old Man In the Kettle

    The Old man Who Said, “Hush”

    The Old Man Who Said, “Well.” P-TTBB,  MS-TTBB (CHORAL)

    The Old Lady of France P-SSAA  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

    The Young Lady of Lucca (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

    The Old Man With a Gong. P-TTBB, MS-TTBB  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)(CHORAL)

    The Old Person of Cassel. P and MS-SATB   (GEORGE/MAURO 1)


    The Lady of Riga

Northward Op. 37 #6 P (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

O Sweetheart Under the Gable Vine – male chorus (Cline 156)

Oh, Love, He Went a-staying Opus 29 (Breitkopf & Hartel, 1898) P (AHW)

Oh What Comes Over the Sea 1889 P

Ojala 1889 P  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

On An April Apple Bough 1895 P (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

One Summer Day Opus 59 for piano P

       Hide and Seek In the Barn

       Morning Lessons

       Picnic in the Woods

       Knitting for the Soldiers

       Driving to the Blacksmith

Orpheus Op. 38 #1 P and MS

Out of the Night Op. 46 #3 P and MS

Out of the Past Op. 37 #2 P

Oriental Serenade Op. 8 #1 P

Petit Roman Op. 18 for piano.  P-1894 and P-2000 (PIANO) (see also Chevalier and Le Chevalier)

Poet Gazes On the Moon, A Op. 8 #3 P  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Praise the Lord, O My Soul 1905 SATB

Revery Op. 31 for Piano. P (PIANO)

Rhapsody in E Minor for Piano Op. 21. P (PIANO)

Roemerin – see Song of the Rival Maid

Sandman, The Op. 39 #6  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Sea Sobs Low, The. Sung during the third season of the Chickering Orchestral Concerts by Bertha Cushing Child, contralto, but it seems to never have been published.

Sky Ship, The Op. 9 #3 P (AHW) and MS  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Sleepy Man Op. 38 #2 P and MS

Slumber Song Op. 7 #2 P (AHW)

Snowflakes Op. 50 #3 P and MS   (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Sometimes Op. 46 #2 P and MS

Somewhere Op. 40 # 1 P

Song For Candlemas, A Op. 28 #1 P (AHW) and MS

Song in the Songless Op. 38 #4 P and MS (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Songs In the Twilight 1889

Song of May, A Op. 32 P

Song of the Lilac, A Op. 41 P (AHW) and MS  (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Song of the Rival Maid (Lied der Nebenbuehlerin) also referred to as Roemerin P

Song of the Spanish Gypsies, A Op. 50 #2  P   (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Song of the Three Sisters 1909 SSAA.  P and MS (CHORAL)

Songs for Lovers of Children Op. 39 P

Span o’ Life, The Op. 38 #3 P

Spinning Song, The Op. 9 #2 P (AHJ)

Spinning Song Op. 15 #5 P

Spirit of the Old House, an Elegy for piano, Op. 58. P and MS (PIANO)

Spring Op. 47. P and MS

Spring Flowers (SATB) (A Book of Choruses: Chadwick, 165) P

Spring Idyl, A, Op. 33 (piano). P (PIANO)

Spring Song, A 1890 P

Springtime, Op. 30 (piano). P (PIANO)

Starlight (1894) (piano). P (PIANO)

Summer Noon Op. 37 #4 P   (GEORGE/MAURO 1)

Te Deum in Eb Op. 35 1900 MS

There Would I Be Op. 50 #4 P and MS

Thought, A Op. 37 #1 P (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

Three Pianoforte Pieces for Young Players, Op. 60. P (PIANO)

    Happy Days

    Day Dreams


Three Ships Op. 39 #8

To the Fringed Gentian (The Laurel Song Book, 116) P

To the Red-Breast (The Laurel Music-Reader, 81) P

Tomorrow Op. 39 #7 (GEORGE/MAURO 2)

True Freedom (The Laurel Song Book, 94) P

Tryste Noel Op. 37 #5 P in C MS of SSA

Twilight (1894). P (PIANO)


Wild-brier, The 1909 SSAA P and Ms

Wild Butterflies (The Laurel Music-Reader, 173). P

Wild Huntsman Op.? Cantata


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