First, and foremost to Patricia Minot who has been a continuing help with computer information and acted as an editor, and second, thanks to my sister, Marilee Polmonari for her research efforts; the various librarians over the years in the Music Room of the Boston Public Library and Jean Morrow and Maryalice Perrin-Mohr of the New England Conservatory Library; and Natalie Palme and also the Librarians of the Harvard Musical Association. Extensive materials from the BSO Archive were provided by Bridget P. Carr. Thanks are due also to Adrienne Fried Block and Carol Neuls-Bates for their Women In American Music. For the past number of years, editorial assistance has been provided by Tiffany Burke who has also assisted with various design elements; very many thanks to her.

Special thanks also to the Inter-Library Loan Division of the Lee County Library and my first point of contact, Sonja Miller. Also thanks to Joyce Crumbo for her research work at the Library of Congress. Many points of information were by family members; primarily these include Fletcher DuBois, Amy DuBois, Anne Hooper Webb and Rozzie Hooper-Hamersley. The research of Pamela Fox, Judith Cline, Laurie K. Blunsom, and most recently Sarah E. Baer amplify what is found on this site (see citations in the Bibliography). Thanks also to Quent and Carolyn Peacock for photos and information about the Lang family farms in New Boston, New Hampshire and Lisa Rothman of the New Boston Historical Society for further information and historical photos. Information about Lang’s early life in Salem has been graciously provided by Meaghan Wright of the Phillips Library.

Photo from: Historic New England. Dated c. 1862.

Studio portrait of B. J. Lang, Boston, Mass., ca. 1862. Courtesy of Historic New England. At this point, he would have returned from his time in Europe and his study with Franz Liszt, been appointed organist at the Old South Church, been appointed organist for Boston’s premier choral group-the Handel and Haydn Society, had his debut with the Mendelssohn Quintette Club, had assisted Louis Moreau Gottschalk in 20 concerts and he was a year away from being one of the organists who played for the dedication for the Walcker organ at the Boston Music Hall. He was establishing himself very quickly! Oh, and he had been married a year.

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